Today. Tomorrow. Everyday.

For those who dare to take a leap,

who are brave enough to fail

– and often succeed

Pir is built for founders by founders, and we are driven by a sincere desire to see people thrive. This is why we are fully committed to creating an environment where people learn from each other and inspire each other to go even further, both in their own projects and for their coworkers.

With thoughtful consideration of what modern individuals can benefit from when building and scaling their business, we specialise in distinct elements: Space, Community and Funding. Through these elements we facilitate creative potential, push for sustainable progress and strive to invoke positive change.

Today, tomorrow - everyday.


A collaborative workspace with everything you need to get your company off the ground. Beautifully designed to feel like the warmth of home, all interior hand picked focusing on both functionality and sustainability. Not to mention our contracts which gives the flexibility to grow in your own pace.


Our members are innovators in their fields and value an atmosphere where frequent casual interaction can lead to improvements in their own work. From founders to investors, advisers, freelancers and corporate partners, we celebrate people from all backgrounds and are on a mission to create a safe place for diversity of thought and expression. Our curated calendar works as a platform to advance new ideas and conversations, in our best effort to foster collaboration, growth and creativity.


Great founders have a strong belief on how the world is changing, and in our experience both network and funding are needed to fulfil the predictions. A part of our mission is to bring together ambitious founders and competent investors. Through Pir Invest we are early stage investors ourselves, and we also actively engage to attract more growth capital for our community.