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Our team is your team.

Pir Invest is a diverse group of founders investing in early stage companies. We commit our talent and communal resources, moving beyond simply capital. What emerges is a collective of builders, sharing knowledge, networks, and assets, to help startups level up.

Our core investment principles:

1. People first

We believe that successful companies are all about the team. Enough said.

2. Solve a real problem

Nice to have or need to have? The stronger the value proposition, the more likely it will fly.

3. Look for something that scale

We love people who take on the world, and also want to make sure sustainable growth lies ahead.

4. Deep sense of responsibility

For now, this planet is all we have and we strive to make a net positive impact.

Why choose us?

Building and running companies is in our DNA. In our experience there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all and we respect that different founders need different support.

Welcoming new owners is a big decision. As much as we will spend time on a due diligence of your business, we recommend that you do the same in opposite direction. Have a chat with a few of the leaders in our portfolio companies, we will be happy to connect you. 

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